Could dwMapsLocalLayoutObject assign to dwMapObject


I’m researching the map data in DW 10.0.

There are dwMapObject and dwMapsLocalLayoutObject in the Map.h.

dwMapObject is initialized from HD map file. dwMapsLocalLayoutObject could be initialized with from DNN detected lane features.

Unfortunately these both structs are handles in the Map.h. I’m wondering whether dwMapsLocalLayoutObject could be assigned/mapped to dwMapObject? My intention is using dwMapsLocalLayoutObject to create a map and serialize to a HD map file. Could this approach be possible?

Hardware Platform: AGX E3550
Software Version: DRIVE Software 10


Why do you need to serialize a local map layout object to a HD map file?

You can always run with rig file (recorded sensor data) and HD map file on the bench as sample_localization sample application (document is at /usr/local/driveworks-2.2/doc/nvsdk_html/dwx_maps_localization_sample.html of your host system after installing DRIVE Software 10).

@VickNV thanks for ur reply.

As I mentioned before.
In case we don’t have the HD map about a area. I’m curious whether we could use DriveWorks SDK create a HD map with a sensor vehicle.

Please take a look at and there is some description in “Developing with DRIVE Mapping” section about how to get it.

Thanks @VickNV for your input!

That means, if I want to create a HD map (MyRoute), then I need at least the Map Stream API on vehicle site and a Map Cloud Server what processes the fused data from vehicle. Is that right?

Is Map Stream API a additional package which not included in current DriveWorks SDK?

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Yes, it’s additional. That’s why you need to follow below section in to contact another nvidia representive. .

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