HERE map data tool problem

Trying to use the Here Map data tool in driveworks to download and convert to driveworks format.

I get this error:

std::exception thrown: std::exception
Driveworks exception thrown: DW_INVALID_ARGUMENT: Cannot cast handle, given instance is a nullptr

I think I have the parameters wrong.

I am confused exactly what I am supposed to put for URL and catalog?

Is catalog supposed to be something like this: here-hdmap-ext-na-1 ?

Is URL supposed to be something like this:
or like this: ?

Can someone help me out with these parameters or why I get this error?

I have the same problem when using this API call.

DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwMaps_initializeHERE ( dwMapHandle_t * mapHandle,
const dwMapsHEREConnectionParameters * params,
const char * HEREMapCacheFile,
float32_t splinePointSpacing,
uint32_t maxRoadSegmentCount,
dwContextHandle_t contextHandle

Dear Matthew_vsi_labs,

Could you please refer to below link for the topic? Thanks.

Show the Default Location

To request a map image for the default location (Berlin, Germany ), send the following GET request.
The response in the international version is the picture below.

Thanks for the response Steve.

But this is not what I am asking about.
The documentation you linked to is not about HERE HD Live Maps which I am trying to use.
Furthermore, I have no issue with using the Here API, the issue I am having is with driveworks tools. Specifically, this map data tool, I am trying to get more information on the parameters it takes.

Also after some further investigation it seems the driveworks tools are using an out of date version of the HERE HD Live maps api. I am wondering if there is a going to be an updated working version to be released soon. Or if there is some way to obtain one.


Dear Matthew_vsi_labs,

The HERE API that we integrated in previous releases was part of their beta map catalog. They are still in the process of making their production catalog feature complete.
The next DW release will have HERE latest production API. Thanks.


Thank you very much. That answers my question.

If I may, does Nvidia have a rough estimate to when they will rollout the next Driveworks release?

If you have access to HD Map BETA this should work:
/usr/local/driveworks/tools/mapdata_tool --appCode=*** --appId=*** --url= --catalog=here-hdmap-sample-na-v3 --minLon=-122.19 --maxLon=-122.20 --minLat=37.45 --maxLat=37.46

Hello ceccocats,

I really appreciate your response. A lot! Thanks so much.

So “here-hdmap-sample-na-v3” this catalog… I actually did not know of its existence… but it does appear that I have access to it !

I am normally using here-hdmap-ext-na-1 /v2/ … I do not know if the one I am using is an older or more recent catalog.

But that command you sent, actually did work for me!! It downloaded the data and created a dwMapCache, which I have not been able to do before. However, If I use the Driveworks sample_maps sample on that downloaded dwMapCache it throws some errors:

Driveworks exception thrown: DW_INVALID_ARGUMENT: polylines == nullptr dwMaps_transformPolylines

error is coming from this line:

I will be digging into this more soon, but do you perhaps possibly know why that is happening off the top of your head?

Thanks again, really appreciate it.

I think you have to download a bigger map, try to enlarge the min and max lat and lon

Hey that worked! Thanks!

Now just got to wait until Driveworks is updated to use the latest HERE API? Anyone know the status of that? when Driveworks will be updated?

Hi, using the information in thi chain I was able to download tiles using the maptool and HEREHD maps for my local area. Thanks for this thread!

But I am having a different issue. As the tool “Evaluates polylines” I noticed all of the entries were marked:
“Maps: Tile 314872055: Maps: 0 links”

Subsequently, when I run sample_maps (modified the GPSPathData.hpp with a track within my local map space), I just get a long series of the following error:
“Maps: no links found around -122.1868, 47.6226.”

When I checked the tiles in the HERE HD Live Map Viewer, it appears that the tiles do contain road topology layers that would be needed.

I cannot seem to determine what the issue is since the map tool is really a blackbox to me. I also tried using the catalog listed here and the one provided to me by HERE, both with the same result.

Any information would be most appreciated. Or better yet is there an interface with the HERE API available?


I think the problem you have is because if you followed the steps on this thread than you are using the HERE beta/sample map catalog which is different than the catalogs you see online at HERE HD live map viewer.

The Nvidia map data tool only works with the api for the beta map… and the beta map only covers a small sample in Cali. HERE’s other catalogs do cover more area, but however, the nvidia tool has not been updated to support this catalog.

I also wish the nvidia tool is not a black box so that we could update it ourselves.

I have been told nvidia is working on updating this tool and drive works to support the later HERE catalog, but I have heard mixed things on when/if it will be released.

If you learn anymore, keep me updated.

Thanks and good luck.