Create 2022.1.0 Flow Point Cloud Import Bug Report

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to bring this up in case anyone else was a little confused.

A change in the ribbon UI in Create 2022.1.0 caused the importing of e57 files not to be seamless anymore. The Cloud is still successfully converted to USDGeomPoints but will not automatically create a renderer object using Flow anymore. We get this error instead:

The issue is that Create<Flow<Presets is no longer an existing tab in the ribbon.

The ‘Global Point Cloud’ group of prims is now in Window>Flow>Presets - if you create one of these with your USDGeomPoints or ‘points’ import object selected the app will create the prerequisites to render with Flow just like it used to.

The import script should probably be modified to reflect this UI change to avoid these errors.

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Hello @LMTraina99! Thank you for the report. I made an internal developer bug for our team to fix. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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(An internal developer ticket was create for this post: OM-47636: Unable to auto create renderer object using Flow during point cloud import)

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