Point Cloud Import/Conversion to USD is Crashing Create


I have an issue importing certain edited point clouds into Create. I have no idea what causes this and it’s quite a hinderance to my work when it happens. It seems the point cloud imports successfully but Create crashes upon rendering. It’s possible to see the point cloud for a brief moment before this error is displayed.

The phrase ‘success has failed’ is rather amusing though.

Here is my …nvidia-omniverse\logs\kit folder
Kit.zip (529.3 KB)

The last two lines of the log are:

2022-03-23 18:23:00 [516,301ms] [Warning] [carb.flowusd.plugin] Maximum Flow blocks of 32768 in use, either reduce cell size or increase max blocks.

2022-03-23 18:27:02 [758,748ms] [Error] [carb.input.plugin] Subscriber 7 not found

That first warning is normal and it just means the default memory ‘blocks’ setting is too low - after import I turn it up ~16x
As for the second - At first I thought ‘subscriber’ meant one of my GPUs wasn’t responding but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Please let me know what causes this error and how I might avoid it in the future.

Thank you!


Hello @LMTraina99! I did reach out to the development team for some help with this. I am waiting to hear back!

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