Creating 3D models of laboratory mice based entirely on pictures from random angles and positions

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I hope I’m asking this on the right channel. I’m looking for a tool to create 3D models of laboratory mice based on a dataset of pictures taken at random camera angles and positions of the animals in random poses. Is there any tool, or combination of tools, that could achieve this?
Thank you. the technique you are describing will involve Photogrammetry. there are several programs out there (free and paid) that would make this possible. do you have any preference which route you’d like to take?

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Thank you for your reply! The Photogrammetry tools I’ve came across all require known and consistent camera positions, while our photos were taken from random positions as we didn’t have this use in mind at the time. We also can’t take new photos as we don’t have access to the subjects anymore. If there’s any tool that could help us with this, we wouldn’t mind paying for a subscription.

within OV, there are few extensions that i know of that could achieve this (unfortunately, i cannot really vouch for them since i’ve not tested/used them myself): Kaedim, and Alpha3D. you can find them under Exchange of the OV Launcher.

otherwise, i think some of the other more familiar names are Nvidia’s Instant NeRF, Reality Capture, Agisoft Metashape, Meshroom. there are a ton more out there that i am sure you’ve stumbled on during your search.

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