CUDA 7.5.18, Visual Studio 2010 "DEPRECATED"

I have Visual Studio 2010. In the CUDA_Installation_Guide_Windows.pdf, for supported Compilers, it says Visual Studio 2010 “DEPRECATED”.

1. What does “DEPRECATED” mean?

Since I am only trying to learn how to use CUDA, I don’t want to buy another compiler if I don’t have to. I also don’t want to make any changes to my system since everything runs so well (for now).

2. Can I still use Visual Studio 2010?

I still have my original GeForce GTX 460 SE and Quadro NVS 450 video cards. In cuda_7.5.18_windows.exe’s ListDevices.txt file it lists the GeForce GTX 460 SE but not the Quadro NVS 450. I am currently using v314.22 drivers. Using v341.44 drivers caused an intermittent but regular systemwide 1 second pause or stutter, about once every hour. I would rather put off upgrading to GTX 960’s since I am only trying to learn how to use CUDA.

3. Will cuda_7.5.18_windows work with the GTX 460 SE, since that’s all I need?
4. What version nVidia drivers come with cuda_7.5.18_windows.exe?

Any advice will be helpful.

DEPRECATED means support for it will probably be dropped in the future, i.e. in a future CUDA release or a future release of nsight VSE.

You can still use VS 2010 (with CUDA 7.5). (By the way, if you want a newer VS, VS2013 Community Edition can be acquired at no charge.)

Yes, CUDA 7.5.18 should work with your GTX 460 SE. Quadro NVS450 is a compute capability 1.1 device:

which is no longer supported by CUDA 7.5 (CUDA 6.5 was the last version to support those GPUs.) The driver bundled with CUDA 7.5 installer will not work with your NVS 450. And you cannot have 2 different drivers installed (for NVIDIA GPUs).

I don’t happen to remember the exact version of drivers that’s bundled with the CUDA 7.5 windows installer, but it is something like 352.40. To use CUDA 7.5 you need 352.xx or newer drivers.

If you use free 7-Zip, you can right-click and open many installers as archives. Not all installer files can be opened. I installed 7-Zip v9.20 several years ago. It might have been updated. You can then look inside the installer, such as cuda_7.5.18_windows.exe, and extract (copy) any file to your system. I used this method to copy the cuda_7.5.18_windows ListDevices.txt file. Since the CUDA installer is almost a GB, copying even a single small file takes about 50 secs.

Just be careful not to make any changes to the installer since this would cause an error during installation. You can also use 7-Zip’s “Test” feature to test any installer you download for errors (not viruses). You can also open many MSI installers using 7-Zip.

I extracted the cuda_7.5.18_windows.exe DisplayDriver.nvi file, a text file in the Display.Driver folder, and this line is near the top:

The driver version which comes with cuda_7.5.18_windows.exe is 353.90.

As per your recommendation, I downloaded CUDA 6.5. The ListDevices.txt file does list
DEV_06FA “NVIDIA Quadro NVS 450”
DEV_0E23 “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 SE”

The driver version listed in DisplayDriver.nvi is:

Hopefully I won’t get any system 1 sec pauses with v340.62.

Thanks for your help.