Cuda 8 on Quadro Mobile P3200 Gpu


I tried to install Cuda 8 toolkit on my laptop but gives a warning message “This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware.”

My GPU is NVIDIA QUADRO P3200. What should I do?

Thanks in advance.

Mustafa Ekelik

The driver installed on your laptop will already work with CUDA 8.

When using the CUDA 8 toolkit installer, deselect the option to install the bundled graphics driver, and use your existing driver. It will work with CUDA 8.


I tried your suggestion but Cuda installer needs Visual Studio.

I installed Visual Studio 2017 and still Cuda 8 installer asks Visual Studio installation and it is not installs any components and says Visual Studio Integration failed.

What should I do?

Mustafa Ekelik

This is a different issue.

The supported environments for CUDA 8 are listed in the CUDA 8 installation guide for windows. I suggest you refer to that and use a supported environment.

VS 2017 is not a supported environment for CUDA 8.

Dear Crovella,

Thank you for your kind help. As you adviced me, I unchecked driver as you told Cuda installs succesfully but Visual studio integration always fails.

I checked my GPU (NVIDIA QUADRO P3200) in the Cuda enabled Quadro Mobile products list and it is not in the list.

So, the question is when NVIDIA Cuda team will add Quadro P3200 mobile in the Cuda enabled Quadro Mobile products list ?

Thanks in advance,

Dear Crovella,

I’m a bit worried about your silence.

I hope NVIDIA have plan to add new GPU’s to the Cuda enabled Quadro Mobile products list.

Thanks in advance,
Mustafa Ekelik

regarding the visual studio integration failures, you’ll need to research that on this forum. There are plenty of suggestions about what to do, for various cases. The single solution which seems to work for most is here:

Regarding the list, it is updated from time to time. I don’t know when the next update will be. An intense concern with the list itself seems unwarranted, because every single GeForce, Quadro, or Tesla GPU manufactured since at least 2008 (or perhaps before), is CUDA capable. NVIDIA doesn’t currently produce any GPUs that aren’t CUDA capable. The list is merely a (nearly-) exhaustive recital of all parts.