CUDA+icewm problem?! latest CUDA driver causes missing pixel in icewm window title bar

Hi all, I am using RHEL 4.5 on a Dell 7400 and after installing the latest driver + CUDA 2.1 for the 9800 GTX+ the icewm windowmanager seems to have severe troubles to come up with a proper titlebar for its windows. There are just a couple of pixels showing up, which makes icewm practically useless External Image . Every other wm runs properly. Has anybody experienced the same phenomenon. BTW, the same effect shows up on 8800 Ultra and Quadro FX 570.
Any hint is really appreciated.



We found the exact same problem yesterday too, with RHEL4.5, a Dell 7400, and with cards fx570 + 8800 Ultra. We’d like to also use newer cards, like the gtx285, so would really like some hints about fixing this also.

Thanks for any help.


I got this problem too, with Quadro FX1600M. I tried several icewm versions and configure options, and different NVIDIA drivers (for x86_64). The porblem exists for all new drivers - 180.xx and 185.18.04.
Older drivers (177.xx, 173.xx) works fine.

Looks like some bug in new drivers (started from 180.xx).