Did Isaac sim have 3d video action replay function?

Hi everyone,
I want to know if Isaac sim has 3d video action replay function? If it has this function,
how to use it?

What do you mean by 3d video action replay?

What immediately comes to mind for me is “baked simulation” (as in you record the whole simulation and play it as an animation later) - and if that’s the case, yes it is possible.

See Animation Recorder — Omniverse Machinima documentation

Hi Rgasoto:
Thanks for your information! But I can’t find the Animation Recorder in Isaac Sim 2021.2.1. Did you know a online game League of Legends? I just want to know if Isaac Sim has the same function like League of Legends can record the video and when we review the video, we can use the god view to see the whole scene.
The following link is the League of Lengends’s review viedo. I hope the Isaac Sim can have the same function for our use case. Thank you!
How To Use League of Legends NEW Replay -LoL Official Replay Review & Guide - YouTube

Yes, the animation recorder and sequencer should give you this functionality.
Search in window->extensions for recorder and let me know if you can find it

Renato G.

Hi Rgasoto:
I can’t find the Animation Recorder in Isaac Sim. My Isaac Sim Version is 2021.2.1.
I have tried other version like 2022.1.0 and 2022.1.1 but still can’t find it.

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