Disable "Caution - Hot surface. Do not touch." warning

I’m using a Jetson Xavier NX for a kiosk application and I would like to disable the Hot surface white notification that pops up. How can I do it?

I can’t answer this question, hope someone can share the experience.

I have doubts that this is part of the Jetson itself. Probably (?) it is a result of some software added to it. You add a screenshot or picture of this, plus mention the software used.

Here is a screenshot of the warning.

I’m running self-developed software that does not provide such warning. The software requires high GPU usage. dmesg shows the following message when the warning appears:
hot-surface-alert cooling state: 0 -> 1

I don’t recognize that. It sounds like a systemd service, but perhaps it is added by something which is optional. Do you see anything listed under:
systemctl list-units | grep -i surface

Unfortunately nothing related to hot surface or cooling is listed among systemctl services, however I may have found a solution, which is much simpler than I thought.
Since I ticked this option in the power mode settings the warning has never appeared again.
Screenshot from 2023-03-14 11-00-11
I’ll update this post if anything comes up.

That does make sense that it is a power model notification, although I’ve never seen it.

It looks like toggling the notification setting from the drop-down menu only works until the following boot.

Such notifications are handled by the following script:


Setting the notify_disable variable in said script seems to be a permanent solution:

sudo sed -i 's/notify_disable = False/notify_disable = True/g' /usr/share/nvpmodel_indicator/nvpmodel_indicator.py

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