Discrete GPU support in DRM display driver for mini PCIe cards


We require to connect a VGA/DVI display monitor to Jetson TX-1/TX-2 platform. Our Jetson TX-1/TX-2 carrier board has a mini PCIe slot where the mini PCIe to VGA display card is being connected. There are many such cards available in the market. Such mini PCIe cards based on Silicon Motion SM750 chipset are available from many board companies. The dimensions of such mini PCIe modules is 30 mm x 50.95 mm x 6.39 mm and require only 1.67W power which is easily available on such slots.

The above cards use DRM based Display Drivers which further requires support of discrete GPU in the DRM driver of Jetson GPU driver infrastructure . We understand that the Jetson GPU driver infrastructure currently supports only integrated GPU and not discrete GPU over PCIe.

Almost all the Jetson carrier boards available in the market have such mini PCIe slot where support for VGA/DVI display can only be added through mini PCIe display cards. The VGA/DVI displays are used in the industrial segment.

We would like to know when & how shall Nvidia add support for discrete GPU so that above mini PCIe display cards can be used.

Asif Ikbal

There isn’t a clear timeline to share for general support of discrete GPU in the Jetson devices over PCIe, sorry about that.

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