Documentation errors on I2C voltages

While designing our PCB for the Orin NX 16GB module, I found an inconsistency in the documentation, more precisely in the design guide : on page 68, in table 12.1, I2C1 is pulled up to 3.3V, and I2C2 is pulled up to 1.8V. On page 69, in figure 12.1, it is the other way (I2C1 is 1.8V, I2C2 is 3.3V).

So what are the true pull-up voltages for I2C 1 and 2? From what I found in other places, I would say that figure 12.1 is wrong, but I’d rather be sure, and it would be nice to correct the documentation.

Thanks a lot in advance
Best regards

Please check the doc again, no error in figure 12-1, it is 3.3V for I2C1 and 1.8V for I2C2.

I now get where the confusion comes from : it’s the name in green rectangles, where GP126_I2C1_CLK and GP127_I22C1_DAT are connected to the 1.8V. But I missed the fact that the “real” name for it is I2C2 and not I2C1 as one might guess from the rectangles

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