Does an external EMMC function on Xavier NX or Jetson Nano? JP4.6

Since 16GB isn’t enough for my use on Jetson Nano or Xavier NX Production Module, I want to know if an external EMMC is supported by either of them.

Currently I’ve supplied 3.3V to the data lines(for the external emmc)do I need to change it to 1.8V for jetpack 4.6?
I’ve tried alot of the suggested properties for sdmmc3 in the forums. Haven’t found a solution, so I thought I’d generalize the question.


No, you can try to connect the NVME SSD.

I understand there is a ssd slot on the devkit but,

I’d like to put forward a few points

  1. This is not the devkit, I have my own custom carrier board where an emmc is connected to sdmmc3 @ bus width=4
  2. In my understanding, the data transfer of a sd card is similar to emmc, why would it not work?


That’s related with the bootstrap and boot process, the external eMMC on carrier board desgn is not supported.

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One last confirmation.

I do not want to boot up from the external emmc, I need it to act as an external storage.

Are you saying that wouldn’t be possible? Could you please explain why? its a 4 lane emmc.


If you just want to enable one extra emmc on your board, then it is possible.

However, there is no validation that emmc would work on sdmmc3 from our side. But I know there are some other users trying this before.

Would the data lines have to be at 1.8v or 3.3v?
Does the new JP support legacy speeds at 3.3v?


Please check the device tree of the original emmc node. It will tell you what would be supported.

I mean the first built-in emmc device.

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