does Jetson Nano support CSI camera with sensor ov5647?

hi, I have a CSI camera module with sensor ov5647, but i can’t find /dev/video0 when i installed it in Jetson nano, please let me know if i missing something important, thanks!

Hi space1201, OV5647 sensor is discontinued (EOL) and driver support isn’t provided. MIPI CSI cameras based on IMX219 sensors (like Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2) are supported. Various camera modules have begun supporting other sensors for Nano as well, see here:

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Wait for community support. It will come eventually. The camera is very popular.

Thanks for your reply. Cause it’s cheaper, i hope the community support comes earlier.

If anyone wants to donate a camera (send me one) I can take a look at creating the necessary driver support. Send me a PM.

I hope so. There are so many OV5647 cameras out there with wide angle lenses that don’t say that it’s the same as a V1.3 R-Pi camera and not the V2. If you searched on Amazon for any Raspberry Pi camera, most of the results are going to be OV5647, and it will stay that way for a while, even with the EOL.

If you are looking for a wide angle lens, the OV5647 sensors physically looks like a much better product, the lens holder is secured to the PCB instead of just dangling. No need to mess with connectors.

Soooo… in my lack of research… I impulse purchased one along with my Jetson Nano… I am betting a lot of Nano users looking for either night vision or wide angle cameras will make the same mistake.

It would hurt less if I could buy the wide angle camera and a bare carrier board without a camera, but now I am going to waste an entire stock IMX219 camera.


God damn it I understand why the market is so weird…

So the situation basically boils down to either Raspberry Pi Foundation or Broadcom is being greedy.

Broadcom made the SoC such that the CSI lanes connect into the GPU but the code for the GPU is a closed source binary blob. This means the OV5647 will work with the R-Pi but that code cannot be ported to anything else. The “open source code” in the Raspberry Pi is kind of only getting a frame buffer out of the GPU, which is useless for anybody who wants to write a driver for the OV5647.

For the V2 version of Raspberry Pi camera, the IMX219 sensor has support from Sony so you can find more open code to use, but the black box code inside the Broadcom SoC expects a cryptographic authentication chip on all Raspberry Pi Camera V2 boards, otherwise it won’t work. This is why nobody can make a clone of the V2 camera, and why the wide angle camera doesn’t come with the PCB, because nobody else can obtain the cryptographic authentication IC.

Jetson Nano makes this interesting because it can use the IMX219 without the cryptographic authentication, so now, there’s a market for more customized IMX219 boards. My previous opinion on there being superior products might be invalid once somebody starts making more IMX219 boards.

But the market will be quite small in comparison to the Raspberry Pi market.


We have been working with OV5647 too and we were finally able to get it working, in case you need help, you can read more about it here:

Hi i’m trying to install the driver but i’m new to Jetson and almost new to linux ;), i don’t understand the guide on the website. I’m stuck on the Downloading Kernel sources part of the guide, i don’t have that folder on my pc. All these commands i have to run on the Jetson Nano or in a PC with Ubuntu?
Thanks for the replies

Hi pietro.perrone92,

You have to communicate with Ridgerun if you are interested in the driver. ( The driver is in the patch file contained in 4.2_nano_ov5647.tar.gz, If you only requires to cross-compile the kernel sources, you have to skip the step 5. “Apply driver patches”

These steps describes a cross-compilation process, therefore all these commands must be run from Ubuntu PC with Jetpack 4.2 already installed.

Instruction is good, but as I can see there is no way to find 4.2_nano_ov5647.tar.gz without purchasing on your website. Isn’t it just advertising?

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If I am not mistaken RidgeRun charges USD$2,500 (that’s two thousand and five hundred) dollars for their camera driver.
Now, given that the Nanao is $100 and the IR camera with OV5647 is $30. It seems an unviable solution.

Does anyone know how to get the IR Cut Camera (OV5647) working on the Jetson devices? Nano, NX, AGX? Also, would all these jetson devices use the same driver? Thanks!

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I’m super confused … if NVidia themselves relied on a binary blob exemption to distribute their closed source linux graphics card drivers for years due to the linux kernel being GPL’d, I’m not sure how Ridgerun are allowed to charge for the source to a kernel driver given that it would have to include source from the kernel to link to that is GPL’d.

Can someone explain on what basis that’s possible ?

I was not able to get the OV5647 on the Jetsons.
Nonetheless, I was able to order a similar IR camera from Seed Studio and this one did work.
Here is the link