Does not work from micro usb

I installed the camera from the raspberry pi and apparently incorrectly connected the infrared illumination of the camera. After that, when i connect the micro USB cable, the Jetson Nano does not turn on, the green led does not light up. Moreover, the cable itself is very hot. In this case, the n jetson is launched from the DC connector and when the jumper is installed. As I understand it, there was a short circuit in the power supply through micro usb. Could you tell me which component could burn? Thank you

NOTE: I think the micro-B connector cannot be used for devices on the Nano dev kit (a device must connect to a host mode, a host mode must connect to a device mode). When J48 is connected, then this port acts in device mode only and is incapable of being host mode (host mode is required for a device to connect). However, the following applies in general.

Cables should never get hot. I hate to say it, but it sounds like the cable or the camera have hardware issues. One test is to isolate power away from the Nano by using an externally powered USB HUB.

Do note that even if power delivery is valid and not shorted, then there are times when the power will fail to regulate under the heavier load of powering not only the Nano, but also powering the camera. You would still want to try an externally powered HUB to test this as well.

If you go here you can see the numbering of pins on a micro-B USB2 connector:

This shows labels for pins:

Note that if you can measure ground (pin 5) to VCC (pin 1), that this should be 5V (however, these are tiny connectors and are difficult to measure without pain). In device mode, or if shorted, there will be no voltage here (device mode implies the Nano itself is acting as a device).

You may have to go here, log in, and then go here again, but search for “micro-USB” (or J28) here:

Many thanks for linuxdev’s quick comment. The micro-B connector on Jetson Nano only operates in device mode and does not support host mode. For USB devices such as pendrives or USB cameras, please connect to type-A ports.

I apologize for my English, maybe I put it wrong. I tried to connect the camera from raspberry pi to the j13 connector, and at the same time I apparently incorrectly connected the infrared camera illumination. Jetson nano did not turn on when powered by j28. After that I turned off the camera and tried to turn on jetson nano again through j28. I connected the cable to j28, the ds3 led did not light up, while the micro usb power cable began to heat up very much. Ammeter showed a current consumption of more than 5 amperes. I turned everything off. I installed jumper j48 and connected power to j25. Jetson nano is up and running. I understand that it shorted some element next to j28. What element can this be? I want to try changing it myself. Thank you

We support Raspberry camera module v2 in default release. If you connect the camera module to J13, it should work fine. We verify this hardware combination in each release and suggest you use this combination.