Does the Material Graph give you a way to combine two Materials?

You have some material called Emissives, Is there a way to take one material, and then add a glow effect like an Emissive to the 1st material?

I saw one of the Marbles videos had spheres that glowed, that is kind of what I want to achieve.


Do you have an image? Glow/bloom is post-processing.

I made in this in IClone by setting the Diffuse image (main texture) and then another image for the Glow Channel. It imports into Omniverse also, I just don’t know how to set a glow channel in Omniverse.

You should be able to open the material in MDL graph from the right click menu. There are blend nodes for you to do so. Material Graph — Omniverse Create documentation (

I have tried to use Material Graph and haven’t been able to figure it out yet.