Does TX1/TX2 module has power-on reset circuit?


Does TX1/TX2 module(not the carrier board) has power-on reset circuit?Do I need to add power-on reset circuit in my customer carrier board?

And is the dischage circuit necessary? If my carrier board doesn’t has this circuit,What will happen?

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I think this circuit shuld not be added in your cunster carrier board. In my desugn , i just connect the auto power on pins to the GND,but i do not know if its right.

Hi CalmCar, what’s your meaning of ‘power-on reset’? Module needs power-on signal from carrier board to start boot, if what you need is auto-power-on you can refer to auto-power-on chapter in OEM DG.

Discharge circuit is required, please follow OEM DG for it.

I think reset pin cannot connect to auto power-on.Reset should action after power-on.

I mean should I give a reset signal when the voltage over a stable voltage like 6V ? I found the modules power-on a 4V voltage(not 0V voltage).Some strange error will happen after entering ubuntu.Such as my camera always synpt timeout.But I can confirm the camera circuit is right.Because I power-on from 0V ,it works well.

Is this situation relationship to the discharge circuit? There is no dischage circuit on my customer carrier board

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Why is it powered on from 4V? Do you mean the VDD_IN? It shows something wrong and should be found out. It could be related to discharge circuit.

If you check the power up sequence in OEM DG, you can find RESET_OUT is generated automatically after all power rails up.

The power rails design guideline talk about power sequencing for the TX2. Assuming you follow the power sequencing, the TX2 will turn on from a proper self-reset. There is a point in the sequence where you can wait for user power button, or just keep going if you want an “always on” board.

If you don’t have any other discharge circuit, at least put in a 10 kOhm bleeder resistor or something. (However, the power design guidelines recommend the full discharge circuit.)

OK,I will try 10K resisters.Thanks