Doom Eternal crashes with 495.46 on high VRAM usage

Running Doom Eternal using Wine/Proton on 495.46 with a low proportionate VRAM usage (5230 / 8192 MB as reported ingame) works just fine, no crashes or performance issues.

However, as soon as one adjust the graphic settings so it uses more VRAM (7603 / 8192 MB) the game will crash when trying to load a game map with “Failed to allocate video memory”;


Game Settings: Multipaste (2 files) - img-2022-01-08-143917.png, img-2022-01-08-143931.png

When one lowers the VRAM usage slightly this can also occur while playing instead of on load.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (546.4 KB)


According to the Proton GitHub Issue thread this issue was introduced with 495 and is not present on 470: Doom Eternal (782330) · Issue #3773 · ValveSoftware/Proton · GitHub

This is still an issue on 510.47.03.

This is still an issue on 510.54

any workarounds ? 510 is pretty f_ed

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Still an issue with version 510.60.02.

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It seems like this issue may be fixed in driver version 515.43.04. See the comment string found here.