DriveInstall_5.0.5.0bL_SDK_b3 installation

I am trying to bring up Drive PX2 with sdkmanager_0.9.12-4180, but after burn with sdk, It can’t boot up, as our PX2 board was boot up with old sdk, so I try to download DriveInstall_5.0.5.0bL_SDK_b3 version and run, but when it run to a wizard dialog to download more components, it show errors “Error: Component is missing”, and it is a web link, click it just open in web browser, but I can’t login with my account which can login in new sdk and normal homepage of nvidia.
please help me to download the old sdk, thanks!

Dear rentonghuang,

Could you please help to check below? Thanks.

-. Flashed DrivePX2 using sdkmanager_0.9.12-4180
-. Can’t boot up DrivePX2

Could you please help to check Aurix FW version if SW Version: DRIVE-V5.0.10-P2379-EB-Aurix-With3LSS-4.02.04 or not via minicom tool?

If not, could you please update Aurix FW?

  1. Regarding sdkmanager log in, you can see only
    You should use tap not