SDK manager and DriveOs installation for Drive Px 2

Dear Nvidia,
could you please provide the way to reinstall DriveOS on PX 2 board? Currently, it is not possible to use new SDK manager to install DriveOS. We know that this platform is obsolete, we spent funds to purchase 2 pcs. of this board, spending many thousands, and we want to use it, at least with older driveworks. Could you please respond?

Dear @aleksandrs.levinskis,
Do you see any issue with flashing while using sdkamanager?

Hello Shiva,
yes, we can not flash Drive PX2 board using sdk manager latest version, since there is no option for PX2, it is only possible to flash Drive AGX board. However, we had the older version of SDK manager (it is on the host pc, but it is not possible to download this version from Nvidia now), this version we were using before, it has PX2 from drop-down menu, but sdk manager does not login using credentials (it seems that sdk manager 0.6 version is obsolete). Could you provide the way we can reflash boards? It is urgent since we are using GMSL camera fetching APIs, and cannot proceed.

Dear @aleksandrs.levinskis,
Did you use ubuntu 16.04 host and also check running sdkmanager --archivedversions if you don’t see old release. Please let us know if it works?

flash_3407.log (49.1 KB)
Hi @SivaRamaKrishnaNV,
thank you for this hint, indeed we didn’t find any note in the documentation about --archivedversions. Now we are able to select the version, however sdk manager fails to flash the board. Do you have any clues? I attached logs.

Dear @aleksandrs.levinskis,
As per log the target is not connected to host via USB cable. Could you double check the connection?

Target will be flashed with rootfs in eMMC
Aurix Port = /dev/ttyUSB1
Successfully acquired lock over /var/lock/LCK…bootburn_seq
No recovery-target found; Make sure the target device is connected to the
host and is in recovery mode. Exiting

Dear @aleksandrs.levinskis,
Is it still an issue?