DriveInstall on ubuntu 18.04 bionic


I’m trying to install DriveInstall on ubuntu 18.04

I successfully run the installation and the process completes (skipping flashing). In the end however trt and driveworks are missing.

Then I edited lsb_release to 16.04 xenial. I no longer get the prompt at the beginning of the installation. However, I do get “Error: Component missing” for TensorRT and the 2 Driveworks entries.

I have gcc-4.8.5 installed and activated
I have cuda-9.0 installed in /usr/local/cuda

Clicking on the error messages directs me to a NVIDIA login screen on that my account cannot access.

How can I install driveworks? Can you at least share the real reason for the error?

Finally, it’s been 2.5 years since the release of xenial. Are we supposed to maintain ancient software in order to use your SDKs? Xenial is no longer supported which causes a ton of other problems. You have a responsibility to either update your software regularly or remove the restrictions and let as deal with the problems. The current situation however creates far more problems than it solves.

It turns out that by removing some files form the Drive_Downloads folder made the installer act differently. It is now downloading the missing files.

The files I removed where the 2 json and some small downloaded packages. I then diff’d the old json files with the new ones but they are the same. I didn’t even restart the installer. I do not understand what changed.

When I changed the lsb I did not remove the Drive_Downloads folder (but I did remove the Drive folder). I assumed there is no point to re-download all the files.

Thus my only assumption is that the installer downloaded a different version of some packages when in 18.04 mode than in 16.04, which caused some incompatibility.

Hi georgios.varisteas,

DriveInstall for Linux is available for the Ubuntu Linux 14.04 and 16.04 64-bit platform, the ubuntu 18.04 is not supported yet.

Please refer to DriveInstall Instructions -


Hello Kaycc,

Do you have an ETA/release date for DriveInstall on Ubuntu 18.04?

Thanks and regards