DriveWorks SDK access

I have a DRIVE PX2 and thus a “NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Program” membership (not “Early Acess”).
I’ve notice that the access to the DriveWorks SDK download through the page is only available to “Early Access” member.
Does this mean that I am not allowed to use DriveWorks libraries with the PX2 ? Can I have access to the SDK through other distribution channels ?
I have directly asked about the software suite/SDK that are available to us (e.g., DRIVE SW) to the retailer that has sold us the DRIVE PX2, but I have been redirected here on the forum.

Many thanks

Hi dario.turchi,

We do provide the DriveWorks SDK for PX2, please refer to below links:


Solved by using the second link. For future readers, I’d like to make clear that the DriveWorks SDK will be made available by installing the development environment on the host Linux system through the the DRIVE SDK MANAGER.
That’s really not immediate for whoever is just approaching this system (escpecially because for the AGX platform direct download in the “Documentation” section of the site is available)

Just for double-checking, can you confirm that the DRIVE SW suite is not available to PX2 users ?

Many thanks

Dear dario.turchi,
Driveworks SDK is part of Drive DW stack that we offer to customer. On Drive PX2, we offer only Driveworks SDK. The other SDKs such as DriveAV,DriveIX etc are available on Drive AGX platform(