Eager to know how to Use pcie expand a external usb3.0 !!!!

HI everyone:
I read the OEM product design manual of nano, and saw Only one usb3.0 and PCIe 1*4 in Jetson nano Only USB 3.0 & PCIe Lane Mapping Configurations. I want to know whether the lane1.2.3 of PCIe can be reused into usb3.0 functions, just like the tx1 or tx2 device tree configuration to enable usb3.0 or PCIe.
Hope the official reply as soon as possible!

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Hi everyone:

In the jetson_nano_module_pinmux_config_template.xlsm file, the function USB_SS2 is described in SFIO1 of pcie3. But Only one usb3.0 and PCIe Configurations is written in the OEM Jetson nano Only USB 3.0 & PCIe Lane Mapping Configurations table.
I would like to design a usb3.0 interface with a pcie lane3 on our custom board.If the hardware is designed like this, can the software achieve the corresponding function by modifying the DTBS file? Does the existing software support this? If not, any advice or guidance?

Hi zhangxd260, the official OEM Design Guide and pinmux for Jetson Nano has not been released yet, so please do not make custom designs with it until the June production release of the Nano module. You would need to attach a PCIe<->USB3 endpoint to get additional USB3 ports from the PCIe lanes.

If you would like to prototype this with the devkit, you can use an M.2 adapter like this one and connect a Mini-PCIe card that does USB3 to it.