Ehternot Connectionon JetsonNano

Hey! I have just started developing using jetson nano, I had setup using the sdk image but was not able to configure the network setting during the setup. I want to connect to ethernet and use but my ethernet is not working on jetson nano… I am unable to use the internet… please tell me how to configure ethernet manually?

Thanks in advance

Are you able to dump the dmesg and ifconfig result?


Why you cannot? Do you have HDMI monitor connected on your board?

Yes… I was able to setup the jetson nano without confiugring networking settings… its linux is working but not connecting to enternet after connecting the ethernet cable to jetson

So what is the problem here that you cannot dump the log from command dmesg and ifconfig?

maybe yes, i dont know what you are talking about

Open a terminal on your hdmi, type command dmesg and ifconfig to dump the kernel log and network status.

And attach them here

Thanks …issue resolved. :)