Elektrobit AUTOSAR stack version and released AURIX firmware version


i’m investigating how safety functions need to be developed for the DRIVE AGX systems. I got the tool chain for the AURIX and the Elektrobit AUTOSAR stack DRIVE_AGX_EB_AURIX_delivery_4_00_00 and DRIVE_AGX_EB_AURIX_delivery_5_00_00.

The released AURIX firmware versions are 3.02.07 (DRIVE-V5.1.0-E3550-EB-Aurix-With3LSS-3.02.07) in SDK 9.0 and 3.05.04 (DRIVE-V5.1.6-E3550-EB-Aurix-With3LSS-ForHyperion-StepA-3.05.04.hex) in SDK 10.0.

Are the released firmware versions based on EB stack version 3.00.00 or another one?
What are the differences between the released firmware versions and the EB stack versions mentioned above?

Are all examples described in DRIVE_AGX_EB_AURIX_Software_UserGuide.pdf supported by the released versions of the AURIX firmware or do i need to build and flash the firmware based on the delivered EB stack first?
Can i use the latest EB stack for our StepA AGX Xavier (E3550: 699-63550-001-500 C)?

How about the implemented L3 safety services, where can i find the documentation?


Hi alexander.frank,

You will need to work with a toolchain vendor to develop software for the Aurix MCU. This is not something that NVIDIA provides with the SDK.

BTW, how did you get DRIVE_AGX_EB_AURIX_delivery_4_00_00 and DRIVE_AGX_EB_AURIX_delivery_5_00_00?

I know, and we’re already working with Elektrobit. That’s why i could get the deliveries.

Could you try to get the information from Elektrobit? Thanks!