AURIX development?

There seems to be very little information about the AURIX MCUs that are part of the Drive AGX. There is information about the provided firmware and how to install it, but nothing about doing custom development.

I’ve seen elsewhere that the schematic is not provided for the Drive AGX, so that makes it very difficult to do any completely custom development for this device. What development does NVIDIA support for these MCUs?

I am not asking how to develop for an infineon Tricore processor as we are familiar with that. What I’m asking is how to get the information needed to develop for this particular instantiation.

Dear nicholasgt291,
Could you check with toolchain vendor to develop software for the Aurix MCU.

We have a toolchain for the Aurix MCU.

What I’m asking is how to get the other information needed about the Drive AGX in order to develop for the Aurx MCU:

  • How is each Aurix pin connected? (e.g., where do the GPIO pins go? which are connected to external connectors?)
  • What external components are connected to the Aurix that must be controlled by the Aurix? (e.g., there is at least a power rail supply part and an ethernet switch that are SPI connected to the Aurix. Which parts are these? Do they have any GPIOs connected to them beyond the SPI buses? Which Aurix SPI bus is connected to each component?)

These are only some of the questions that need to be answered in order to develop software for the Aurix. By far the easiest way to answer most of them is to look at the schematic.

Hi nicholasgt291,

In order to get access to those detailed information you should reach out to your NVIDIA representative as this is not information we have widely available.