Aurix MCU Debug port (connector) info


I found some information about Aurix debug connector in the Elektrobit document “DDP_EB_AURIX_Software_UserGuide.pdf” that comes with Nvidia Drive SDK.
It says that this port provides JTAG interface for Aurix, but it does not explicitly say anything about Tracing capabilities. It does not provide pinout of the connector.

It is a 20-pin, 2-row header with 1.27mm pin spacing.
I know one relatively common debug port used for ARM Cortex MCUs that is mechanically exactly the same as the one on Drive AGX board. That port typically has JTAG pins and also 4 trace pins.
Are there any Aurix trace pins on Drive AGX Aurix debug port?

How many Aurix debug ports/connectors does Drive AGX board have? Only one? I found only one without removing heatsink.
Can you provide pinout of the debug connector(s)?
Is there a DAP2 port or some other port for Aurix Tracing?


Dear mikhailqydth,

Please refer to below table for J57 JTAG connector pin out info.

A DB9 connector for Aurix/MCU on DriveAGX harness cable is the debug console (RS-232) connection and not the same as the JTAG debugging and not for Aurix code tracing.

On DDPX board only JTAG pins are surfaced out and no support for DAP.