eMMC pads

Which MMC controller are the empty eMMC pads routed to? I know that it’s not officially supported, but if I were to solder my own eMMC chip on the module, would I be able to utilize it? Does this board support HS-400?

Hi, we don’t support that. The maximum bandwidth of eMMC is 400MBps.

Can you recommend any eMMC part numbers ? I wanted to solder my own eMMC chip onto the pads using a micro SD card if possible. Can you suggest part number ?

NVIDIA does not support this, so if you want to experiment, you’re on your own.
Also, eMMC is a different form factor and electrical interface than MicroSD, so I don’t quite understand what it means to “solder my own eMMC chip onto the pads using a microSD card”?
(While the very old MMC cards had a SPI compatiblity mode, which is also compatible with older micro-SD cards, that’s not part of the current eMMC standard.)

Sorry, my bad. I meant I will solder my own eMMC chip by using a micro stencil or something. Are you aware if NVIDIA is just using that footprint U513 to solder an eMMC and developing the production version ? The presence of an eMMC is the only difference between the development and production variant ?

This whole discussion is because I want the OS to be on the eMMC. Another possibility is OS on SSD.