Enable SPI connector on TX2 with J120 carrier board


I’m running the Jetson TX2 on an Auvidea J120 carrier board and I’ve been trying to make the connector J13 on the carrier board work as a SPI port to connect an additional IMU.

So far, I’ve tried to flash several Auvidea firmware versions. My current situation is that i can detect the proper “spidevs” (spidev1.0, spidev2.0, spidev2.1, spidev3.0, spidev3.1) and the internal IMU works correctly through spidev1.0. However, the other buses doesn’t seem to be mapped to any external pin. A simple SPI application doesn’t generate any signal on SCLK and CS pin is not pulled down.

According to the J120 technical reference (which is clearly outdated), each SPI bus should be mapped to a connector or to the internal IMU, but this is said for the TX1.

Today, I’ve flashed the Auvidea firmware version 2.2, which is based on Jetpack 4.2 and includes a patch for enable “support of SPI devices (spidev) such as the IMU”. I’ve reviewed the pinmux files as well.

The first question is… ¿Is there any way to make it work? ¿Am I doing something clearly wrong?

Sorry if the issue is a basic mistake because I’m relatively new to this topic.

Thanks in advance!

Hi jl.grande,

Sorry for the late reply since this issue was happened at Auvide J120 board, thus we don’t have much experience to provide suggestions. You could contact Auvidea support to see if they can help. Thanks