Enter to Force Recovery Mode without flashing the TX2?

Dear Nvidia Community:

I want to verify the voltage of a couple of signals while the TX2 is in force recovery mode. The thing is that I want to do it without reflashing it. I have not been able to find any information regarding the possibility of entering to force recovery mode without reflashing and then just start the TX2 as usual without affecting my files or the OS. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Regarding what exactly I want to measure, is the Vbus signal since in the schematics it seems that the 5V in that port are linked to the state of the CARRIER_PWR_ON signal. So I want to make sure reflashing the TX2 won’t make USB Recovery mode power line behave erratically or turn off. I see that the NVIDIA team put a NP resistor probably taking in consideration that but it could be helpful to see the state of the signal at the exact moment of the putting the TX2 in force recovery mode but without having to actually reflash the device.

Best regards and thank you for your help.

Booting in recovery mode just put your jetson board as a USB device on micro-USB port, and then it waits for commands.
From the host PC, you should see the Jetson as device with lsusb.
As long as you don’t launch any flash command from host (could be from JetPack, script flash.sh…) nothing should happen to your memory partitions.

Added note: Force recovery in no way changes eMMC…running the host driver package flash program is required before any change hits. I do not know of any way to get to recovery mode without using the force recovery button (or the header wired to the force recovery button).