Error in sdkmanger step 1(no available release to execute as super user)


I run sdkmanager to reinstall the OS on the jetson agx orin device in force recovery mode. but there is a difficulty in step 1

As shown above, the sdk version field is disabled (gray text).
I installed Ubuntu 18.04 on Windows using WSL. and the device was connected to WSL using usbipd.

Now I don’t know what more to do. I need your help.

It clearly tells you that you don’t run SDK Manager with sudo.

Do you mean to run it using # sudo sdkmanager ?? If so, it’s still the same error.

I mean you SHOULD NOT run SDK Manager with sudo.
Is that clear for you?

yes. I followed the guide below and of course ran it with the sdkmanger command (not sudo).

You must have enabled sudo permissions somewhere else.

I will try. thank you

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