Error: OptiX Precompiled Samples =error while loading shared libraries:

I am starting to dig in to Optix SDK but having problems. im pretty sure its something small. but i am new to programming in C/C++. any help would be greatly appreciated.

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Tried setting:
no luck!

System : Ubuntu 18/Geforce 920M

I would expect the library path to add is

Thanx for the reply,
still the same error. so i ditched the whole pre-compiled set and started to build it within the SDK directory according to the instructions.
but now i get the error that any gcc version above 6 is not supported.

the requirements mentioned in the toolkit documentation
Ubuntu 18.04.1 (**) Headers-4.15.0 gcc-7.3.0 glibc-2.27
i have the exact same.

so should i roll down to gcc 6? but wouldn’t that break compatibility somewhere else?

You probably just have a syntax error in your library path, I just checked and it works:
LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/home/user/Downloads/NVIDIA-OptiX-SDK-5.1.0-linux64/SDK-precompiled-samples" ./optixSphere
Don’t downgrade gcc or you’ll not be able to upgrade/recompile a new nvidia driver on kernel/driver update. See how you can do a side-by-side install of another gcc version without changing the default system gcc.

… Aand it works!!
Yes. the problem was with export syntax. LD path inline with run command works.
super excited to dig in to the code.
Thanx a million!

You should be able to just put it in your ~/.bashrc

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/home/user/Downloads/NVIDIA-OptiX-SDK-5.1.0-linux64/SDK-precompiled-samples"

Then open a new terminal.

Thanx again!