Error: UnrealHeaderTool failed for target 'IsaacSimProjectEditor'

Encountered unsolvable problems:

[2019.09.06-09.25.17:229][ 0]LogExit: Object subsystem successfully closed.
[2019.09.06-09.25.17:229][ 0]LogExit: Exiting.
Error: UnrealHeaderTool failed for target ‘IsaacSimProjectEditor’ (platform: Linux, module info:
IsaacSim/IsaacSimProject/Intermediate/Build/Linux/B4D820EA/IsaacSimProjectEditor/Development/IsaacSimProjectEditor.uhtmanifest, exit code: OtherCompilationError (5)).
Makefile:618: recipe for target ‘IsaacSimProjectEditor’ failed
make: *** [IsaacSimProjectEditor] Error 5

I looked at the build with the following information

Error: Failed to save header export preview: ‘/home/kfr/UnrealEngine-IsaacSim/IsaacSimProject/Plugins/DLAnimation/Intermediate/Build/Linux/B4D820EA/UE4Editor/Inc/DLAnimation/DLAnimationCharacterBase.generated.h.tmp’

0]LogFileManager: Error: MoveFile was unable to move ‘/home/kfr/UnrealEngine-IsaacSim/IsaacSimProject/Plugins/DomainRandomizationDNN/Intermediate/Build/Linux/B4D820EA/UE4Editor/Inc/DomainRandomizationDNN/RandomizedMeshActor.generated.h.tmp’ to ‘/home/kfr/UnrealEngine-IsaacSim/IsaacSimProject/Plugins/DomainRandomizationDNN/Intermediate/Build/Linux/B4D820EA/UE4Editor/Inc/DomainRandomizationDNN/RandomizedMeshActor.generated.h’, retrying in .5s…

Hope to have a good solution, thank you…

Hi James,

Can you give me more details, what were you trying to do here?


In fact, I was building the Isaac Sim editor when I encountered this problem.

Before that, due to the lack of space under / home, some files had not been downloaded.

However, after I cleaned up the space and rebuilt it, there was a mistake like this.

I want to ask if I need to start over?

Thank you for your reply!