export 3D bounding boxes

Hi, We’d like to generate some simulated data for training our robot using Isaac Sim. To train the 3D object detector, we need the 3D bounding box annotation for objects in the simulated scene. When setting ‘draw_debug’ = true in the ‘bounding_box_settings’, we can see that there is indeed 3D bounding box ground truth for selected object classes.

But how can we export these 3D bounding boxes for each frame to a file? As there is no such tutorial, could you please help us with this issue? Thank you very much.


All this ground truth information along with the image are sent/exported to Isaac SDK, and you can save it in a file from SDK side.

Please ask the Isaac SDK for instructions/ or read Isaas SDK document for instruction on how to save the bounding box information into a file.


Thank you.