Export file to a onedrive folder with a hyphen results in a %20-%20 directory created


Am trying to export an fbx file from Create 2023.2.3 to a folder that has a hyphen eg “Onedrive - mine” , and when it exports its creating a new folder called “Onedrive%20-%20mine”.
So having to copy it back manually in exporter.

Yes that is expected. USD standards in general and USD Composer are not happy with folders with spaces and dashes. And to be honest, folders with spaces and dashes in general for windows is not a great idea. You should rename that folder and get rid of the spaces and the dash. Or at least not use it with anything usd or ov. Secondly be VERY careful with usd and one drive. We have seen usd files get corrupted and destroyed on one drive because of the way it syncs files. “%20” is the ascii version of a space for systems that do not support a space.

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ok thanks Richard. I think onedrive creates these kind of naming folders by default. I dont generally use it for USD. Its more for general 3d work and backups. I just pointed to that from omniverse export so I know its backed up.

Ok thanks