.usd file in Create does not inherit the original file structure

I usually build the scene in Blender and export it into Omniverse, I find that Omniverse create doesn’t have the same file structure/hierarchy that I built in Blender so i had to reorganize the structure in Omniverse again. It’s time-consuming especially when I have a big scene to manage. Is there any solution to this issue?

Hello @yuanmiaomiao1994! I reached out to the development team to look into this. I will post back here when I have more information from them!

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(An internal developer ticket was created for this forum post: OM-49226: USD file in Create does not inherit the original file structure)

Hi @yuanmiaomiao1994. Thank you for reporting this. Can you be more specific as to what aspect of the USD structure or hierarchy is lost when importing to Create?

By “file structure” I mean: when have a scene, I usually have different modules in different collections, and different part of that module under that collection, Eg. I would put buildings modules in one collection and plants in another collection, and the basement, body, roof in different collection accordingly–under that building collection. In this way I can navigate and manage the scale or visibility of any part of my scene easily due to the structure/hierachy of my file. I manage that with Blender Collections almostly, but the structure of those 3D assats gone when i import USD file into Omniverse Create, so i had to rebuild the structure inside Omniverse Create aggain.

Thank you for the explanation, @yuanmiaomiao1994. Would it help if Blender collections were exported as USD Scope primitives? In other words, export all objects in a collection under a USD Scope with the same name?


Yes, that will do! and will be perfect if the scopes in scopes keep the same structure as the way collections in collections:)

We’ve added an internal task to address this, @yuanmiaomiao1994. Thanks, again, for the feedback. I might have follow up questions for you as we design a solution for this.

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Great, you can also reach me by email at yuanmiaomiao1994@gmail.com.

@yuanmiaomiao1994 We wanted to let you know that work to resolve this issue and improve the functionality is still planned by the dev team in an upcoming release.

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