Question on file organisation with Create

Hello, sorry for all the newbie questions :)

If I understand correctly all data we import to a Create project is written into the usd file when we save a project, is that right ? So all materials, additional 3d models, light setup, environments, even Substance Painter imported textures etc are all saved into one usd file ? Or do I need to be sure I save additional content along the root .usd file ?


Textures won’t be packed into USD.

Thanks but all model information will be packed into the USD file ?

I’m confused by the files stored on the localhost Nucleus and those I store on my HD, synced files from Substance Painter seem to be stored on localhost but that can problematic for future when I want to save the whole project and keep all files together.

I found a good tutorial on this in case someone else is looking for more information on this Project Management in NVIDIA Omniverse Create - YouTube

I don’t how you got your files on the localhost thing but I use Blender, and the Omniverse addon sends everything to a place.

I watched a few tutorials on this from the author above in the link and it seems that localhost is important to centralise all stuff, it’s different from the I worked before but this way everything from Blender, Substance Painter etc stays in the same place. To get files there simply import from the browser into localhost.

Yes, that makes sense if you have shareable assets. Or you can store all of them in one structure using the old way if you just have one machine. The server stuffs seem to work best for collaboration or having multiple machines.

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Not sure how I could do the old way in one structure as some elements like from blender or substance painter need to be collected in nucleus ? Unless I download them afterwards how would you do that, thanks for the help :)

I don’t really know what’s on your side so I can’t say. I have a database folder of shareable assets organized in subfolders with proper naming conventions, that works for me. For each project I will have a master payload USDC where I reference all the things I need. It’s like we #include things when we work with C++.

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Using localhost Nucleus is great for sharing content, live collaboration, and using checkpoints (versioning).

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I see, this may indeed be handy on some projects to work this way

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Yes I just need to get used to this new way of working :)

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Yes, definitely. It’s a new approach with some hurdles to cross. The upside from my experience, I could never go back to the old way of working.

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