Exporting pinmux for U-Boot

I am trying to create a custom board and as an initial test, I am trying to reconfigure one pin of the Jetson TX1 stock development board. I wish to set GPIO19/AUD_RST to a Digital Output pin connected to an LED. Something similar to this. I am following the Jetson TX1 Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up Guide.

I downloaded the Jetson TX1 Module Pinmux and on row 11, in the pin configuration sheet, I edited Pin Direction to Output and Req. Initial State to Int PD. I also changed Customer Usage Description or Net Names to LED_OUT. Then it was converted to a .csv file and transferred to an Ubuntu machine.

I downloaded tegra-pinmux-scripts as instructed in Jetson TX1 Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up Guide and tried to run:

./csv-to-board.py <board>

It gave a warning:

WARNING: Missing gpio_init_vals detected. Manual fixup required

When I checked the .CSV file, column AF (GPIO Init Value) is blank. At the same time I don’t have the option to unhide or edit that column in Jetson TX1 Module Pinmux excel file. How can I fix this issue and what am I doing wrong here?


Sorry for late response, have you resolved your problem?

Not really. Since it was only a warning, I have proceeded with that step.