Extperiph1 property in TX2 NX

Dear Community,

In a dts node of a driver in Xavier NX, I have following properties which are necessary :

			clocks = <&bpmp_clks TEGRA194_CLK_EXTPERIPH1>,
				 <&bpmp_clks TEGRA194_CLK_PLLP_OUT0>;
			clock-names = "extperiph1", "pllp_grtba";

I’m porting the related driver to TX2 NX and I would like to know how to configure similar properties for this later Jetson platform, please ?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Hi again,

I found following solution :

			clocks = <&tegra_car TEGRA186_CLK_EXTPERIPH1>,
				 <&tegra_car TEGRA186_CLK_PLLP_OUT0>;
			clock-names = "extperiph1", "pllp_grtba";

It would be great if someone could help to confirm/validate.

Thanks and regards,

That’s correct. TEGRA186 is for TX2/TX2 NX

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