Failed to apt-get install nvidia-jetpack on TX2

My L4T system is R32.4.3.
After flashing the system image on TX2+custom carrier board.I executed
$sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install nvidia-jetpack
to install the package like opencv,cuda.
Always there were errors in the file.
I’ve tried several times.
The network connection should be fine.
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance!
Fang Bin

install jetpack (14.6 KB)

hello fangbin,

it looks like a fetch error, am not sure this related to Texas’s extreme weather condition.
suggest you may have a try for another day. thanks

hello fangbin,

we had verified this, we don’t see fetch errors when install nvidia-jetpack with JP-4.4GA (r32.4.3).
please try again, thanks

Hi Jerry,
Thanks!I’ll try.
BTW,is it enough to install Jetpack only for to use OPENCV or CUDA? Or I have to build the library from OPENCV source?

JetPack 4.5 includes OpenCV 4.1.1, thanks