Failed to load model class 'ClickableImageModel' from module 'jupyter_clickable_image_widget'

Hi all,

I’m trying to run “Interactive Regression Tool” on Jetson Nano upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04.
I resolve all problems except last one: I can’t make Clickable Image Widget to work.

Failed to load model class ‘ClickableImageModel’ from module ‘jupyter_clickable_image_widget’


My setup is like this:
jupyter --version
Selected Jupyter core packages…
IPython : 8.12.3
ipykernel : 6.29.4
ipywidgets : 8.1.2
jupyter_client : 8.6.1
jupyter_core : 5.7.2
jupyter_server : 2.14.0
jupyterlab : 4.1.8
nbclient : 0.10.0
nbconvert : 7.16.3
nbformat : 5.10.4
notebook : 7.1.3
qtconsole : 5.5.1
traitlets : 5.14.3

Any help with this problem will be appreciated

We have Ubuntu 18.04 with Jetpack 4 release and would suggest use the default setting. It may not work properly if you manually upgrade to later Ubuntu version.

Hi DaneLLL, thank you for reply.

I did try to install clickable image widget first on ubuntu 18.04 that came with my jetson nano sd image.
I use this URL as reference: jetcard/ at 812480e850f1b96f2d3646cac841d3da3fd7611e · NVIDIA-AI-IOT/jetcard · GitHub

Unfortunately it is not vent good because clickable image widget required nodejs version 18 and up.
$sudo ~/.local/bin/jupyter lab build

[LabBuildApp] JupyterLab 4.1.5
[LabBuildApp] Building in /home/alex/.local/share/jupyter/lab
[LabBuildApp] ERROR | Build failed.

/home/alex/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/jupyterlab/ UserWarning: ValueError: Please install nodejs >=18.0.0 before continuing. nodejs may be installed using conda or directly from the nodejs website.

I can’t install node v18 on ubuntu 18.04. Seems minimum ubuntu version is 20.04 for node 18. Most likely all this instruction was working a years ago, but I can’t build the same environment as on docker with regression test.
That what I’m getting on ubuntu 18.04 after all my attempt to make it work:

Maybe you have more up-to-date instruction? I’m not pro in linux/python, just learning now and stuck with this problem badly. Maybe you can recommend some other approach to be like “regression testing” but without clickable image?

Hi all, after so many attempts to fix ClickableImageWidget issue without any success I decide to drop fighting with Jupyter Notebook completely and build everything what I need from scratch on Python and Flask. ClickableImageWidget looks abandoned this days and it’s only work on docker container that you can download using example from Nvidia courses:

create a reusable script

echo “sudo docker run --runtime nvidia -it --rm --network host
–volume ~/nvdli-data:/nvdli-nano/data
–device /dev/video0” >

make the script executable

chmod +x

run the script