Failed to start Create 2022.3.3

Here is a zip of my logs: (11.0 MB)

What else do you might need to study this issue?
I have A6000 GPU ( not ada ) and my driver is ver 528.49

The folder where the missing bat file is, looks like:


Avast antivirus blocked kit.exe during my install of omni.create.warmup.bat.
They are looking into it… I’m wondering if your antivirus log shows a block.

I turned avast off for 10 min, but still create does not boot.


Can you check to see if the actual bat file has been deleted by Avast ? If so you can just re-create it with Windows Notepad. Or you can delete the program and reinstall. Just make sure that when you install and run that Avast is OFF until we figure it out.

Open notepad and paste in the following: (then save as “omni.create.bat”)

@echo off
call “%~dp0kit\kit.exe” “%%~dp0apps/omni.create.kit” %*

Jiihaa. I deactivated Avast for the installation and now all runs gooood.
Thanks Richard!

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Great to hear ! So you disabled it for the installation and it installed fine. What about running the program ? Do you have to have Avast off permanantly to run the program as well ?

No, I just had it off for installation. It´s running now and so is Create :)

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