Failed to start /etc/rc.local Compatibility

Good morning everyone, I bought a Jetson Xavier NX (Recomputer J2021) I installed a M2 SSD memory but I had errors when installing the driver, because I wanted the system to boot from the SSD and not from the integrated Micro SD. And when I turned on the Xavier NX I got the following error.

Then the screen went dark and nothing appears. By the way I used “128GB NVMe M.2 PCle Gen3x4 2280 Internal SSD” from the company “seedstudio”. I think I downloaded a driver that is not compatible for the Jetson Xavier NX. I kindly ask if anyone knows about the issue can provide me with information to solve this error.

Then this terminal appeared:

Are you asking monitor cannot show you something or you really want ot use rc.local?

I mean, if you want to know about why display goes blank, then rc local does not matter to this question… so you better clarifying what you want to do here.

Good morning, my question is not about the screen. How can I fix Jetson Xavier NX to boot with rc.local?
As I mentioned, I did the wrong installation of the driver for my SSD and now my internal card is full and the boot failed and when I turn on the Jetson I get the error “etc/rc.local Compatibility”. How can I solve this problem? Or maybe you can reset the entire Xavier system?

You can just reflash your board.

My point is are you going to use rc.local or you totally don’t know what rc.local is but just want to fix every error you saw?

I am not familiar with this “rc.local” topic, so if you can provide me with the information on how to reset the Jetson Xavier to factory I would appreciate it.

There is no factory reset on jetson. You need to use sdkmanger from another x86 host to flash your jetson.

My point is if you totally don’t know anything about “rc.local”, then forget about it. That thing does not matter to your issue. You are just trying to spend time fixing something which has no benefit to what you want…

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BTW, I just notice you are using “Recomputer J2021”. This is custom board from specific vendor.

You need to check the vendor if their board can work with sdkmanager first. We can only guarantee the tool we shared here 100% work on devkit carrier board. For any custom board, we cannot make sure it would work.

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Okay, thank you very much for your time.

I found the solution in the same forum of the company where I bought the Jetson Xavier NX (Recomputer J2021). I attached the tutorial for anyone who has the same problem as mine.

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