Jetson Xavier NX does not boot!

I have just bought my reComputer J20, which uses Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX. I want to use it for F1tent car but after setting up a wifi usb and updating the device, it does not boot. There are two errors each time I restart the device I see one:
1- Failed to start LSB: self define auto start
2- Failed to start /etc/rc.local compatibility
what should I do with it? It will stuck on the boot page and I only restart it.
Having said that after the update, the storage became full! I will need to install software on the device as well and I dont know how can I add storage.


is it a fresh install out of the box?
If you need to re-flash it, I think this page may give some help:

For storage issue, you can add an NVMe SSD drive, and use if for rootfs, which should be much larger than the internal eMMC.

Thank you so much for the reply.

I have installed an NVMe SSD drive to my xavier through M2 and installed SDK manager on an Ubuntu host and went through the flashing.

The thing is that I used a jumper on pin 9 and 10 to put my device on recovery mode, but it does not get detected! what do you thing I should do? And now can I flash my device through NVMe SSD when I am asked to choose a location in SDK manager?

I would appreciate it if you could help me through these steps as well.



you mean you placed a jumper across FC_REC and GND, but the device was not detected with lsusb?
Then I think you should contact the vendor for RMA.

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