Failed Watchdog timeout in thread server_main in CloudXRRemoteHMD after 10.440015 seconds. Aborting

I’m currently seeing this error at the end of the vrserver log when I start SteamVR. This is causing SteamVR to croak, and block the CloudXR add-on on the next start. Is this something that I can configure around? Can I turn off the watchdog for the CloudXR threads?

Hi @marc24 - Can you please send over your server logs?



Hi Veronica,

Attached are the CloudXR server logs, and the Steam logs. The machine has just booted, and we’re starting SteamVR automatically on user login with a Windows scheduled task. It comes up and shows the “Unexpected SteamVR Error” dialog that says “SteamVR has encountered a critical error.” and has buttons to restart or quit SteamVR. These log snapshots are taken at this point. If I then restart SteamVR, it will come up in safe mode with the Gamepad and CloudXR add-ons blocked. Please let me know if there is more info I can gather for you. Thanks.

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Hi @Veronica_NVIDIA,

We have also tested this with CloudXR 3.0 and are seeing the same issue. The “Known issues” part of the docs talks about SteamVR coming up in safe mode and recommends using SteamVR Beta. Is that what you would suggest for this issue? Thanks.


Also adding a Steam report for one of our instances, in case that provides information that is useful…


SteamVR-2021-09-03-AM_09_15_09.txt (463.0 KB)