Flash Jetson Xavier NX by SDK manager:cannot connect to the device by SSH

When I use the SDK manager to flash the Jetson Xavier NX , I met error as BELOW:
Cannot connect to the device via SSH.Check the user name and password,and make sure that SSH service is running on the device.

or use the 'Manual Setup’instead.

I 'm sure that the user name and password are correct ,but I have no idea how to check the SSH or if there is any other mistakes.

Is the host a VM? If so, then the VM is probably not passing through the USB (which is where the address is made available).

Also, did you actually flash this unit before reaching this stage? The SDKM will by default first flash, and this results in the Jetson rebooting, and then when fully booted with this new L4T install ssh is used for installing extra optional packages, e.g., CUDA. Provided the initial flash completed, then you must perform a “first boot” setup of the admin user’s name/pass, which could be performed from either a monitor attached to the Jetson, or via a serial console cable.

I suspect this latter “first boot” setup is not the cause of the problem. I say this because of the SDKM saying there is no IP address available, which is different from login failing. In this case it is possible that your host PC is not set to allow random USB network devices working without the user’s permission (which is a security thing not normally enabled in an Ubuntu host). Using a VM which does not pass through USB and networking would have the same result as security preventing USB and networking from randomly attaching.

Are you using a VM? If not, then at this point in the flash you should start “dmesg --follow” to see logging. Then unplug and replug the USB cable. Whatever new messages occur, then you would want to post them here in this forum thread.

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I have solved the problem.I think maybe this unit has been flashed before.Thanks a lot for answering my question.

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