Flashing Jetson TX2 ,by NVIDIA SDK Manager, with install error

planning to use virtualbox of ubuntu 18.04 and SDK Manager in order to flashing Jetson TX2

demo pic by NVIDIA SDK Manager, flashing Jetson TX2 , with install error - Album on Imgur

problem: the SDK package download failed with Dependency error

  • error shows

apt-get missing dependencies, there are missing dependencies in
apt-get database.Try ‘apt-get -f install’ with no packages [ or
specify a solution ] in a terminal, and click RETRY.

I have tried this for about 3 days, still stock on this, I just want to flash TX2 ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )


Generally, this issue is not related to jetson. It is more related to your host PC…

apt-get is not able to work fine on your host PC, so sdkmanager returns error…

EXPORT LOGS may tell more about your issue.

I also taking the screenshot for EXPORT LOGS

below is the the error picture

please review the terminal tab for details. Resolve and Retry

= = = =

Failed compoent:CUDA on Host
Error: (APT system is broken and requires manual fix)

  • the terminal tab looks like:

ERROR: File System and OS - target_image: command terminated with error

SUMMARY: Device Mode Host Setup in Flash - flash:Depends on failed component

  • the download log/record file I saved on desktop, but not sure will be usefull

for this issue how can I deal with it?

use a native Ubuntu 18.04 Linux host not a vm

because I’m using Ubuntu 20.04, downgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 is harder cause the official Ubuntu not allow us to do so, and I searched that 18.04 is support until 2023,

I will use use a native Ubuntu 18.04 Linux host not a vm as last resort

I hope just simply use vm do first that I did see demo/instance using vm

how about using an USB mass storage to install Ubuntu 18.04?
then you can keep your 20.04 as it is, and have 18.04 too.

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ok, I will try to do that , I will tell the result in 2 days, I gatta study how to do so, thanks


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