Flashing TK1 with virtual 1404 machine

After much toil and trouble, I have finally relented and decided to reach out for help. I have successfully flashed the board manually (no jetpack) more than once, and the board initally boots just fine, but when multiple windows are on the screen, or sometimes just randomly, the screen will distort, flicker, then send me to the login, closing all of my tabs. Is this a problem with the virtual machine flash? I have reinstalled unity and the desktop, but all I can think is either the graphics driver, the flash, or just some quirk of this older version of ubuntu. Thank you so much in advance for the help

If the virtual machine were to fail, then it would fail during flash. Even for a VM, if the flash completes, then the system boots normally once, I would say that the flickering is unrelated to the VM.

I couldn’t say what is causing the actual failure, but you’d probably need to use serial console to log it as the failure occurs before you would get any useful clues. One possibility is running out of RAM, but the OOM killer usually hits individual applications which don’t cause reboot. Flickering and distorting sounds more like a hardware issue. One hardware issue which is only indirect is if for example the connectors are failing and the signal quality drops, but this too would not cause a reboot. A power delivery issue could cause this. Hard to say without a serial console log.

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