Forcing USD Composer to reload SkelAnimation and use it (flush an internal cache?)

When I change a USDA file on disk, Composer notices and asks if I want to reload it. I say yes, but SkelAnimation clips don’t seem to load reliably. If I reopen the whole project changes are picked up, just clicking the offer by Composer to reload the one file that changed does not seem to work (the change is not visible). I am guessing it is being cached somehow in the skeleton framework code.

Is there a way to reload a USD file holding a SkelAnimation and have it take effect without having to reopen the whole project each time? (This caching has caused me a lot of confusion, wondering why my changes did not seem to affect anything! I am syncing changed files over from another directory, but it does not work - the FETCH button does not reflect the changes in the file.)


Its a pain as I am trying various local changes and I either have to save them to disk or redo them each time I reload the whole project.

Hi Alan,
Yes this does seem to be a bug with the way it should update. We will file a development ticket to get it fixed. Thanks for reporting it.