Gateway in Orin

How gateway is implemented in Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin


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Tom K

If you mean “network” gateway, then a Jetson is no different than any other Linux system. A regular computer is not a gateway, but if a combination of the output from “ifconfig” and “route” is provided, and a network packet needs something else, then “default route” will be used. The next hop on that route might be a gateway, and this in turn would “do the right thing”.

Most routers also act as a gateway. To some extent, if on your Linux computer you have an upstream network device connected on some subnet, and if that upstream device names the Jetson as a default route, it will depend on whether the Jetson has forwarding enabled as to what will happen. You could turn a Jetson into a gateway, but more likely you’d just have forwarding, and this in turn would trigger the address request going to the Jetson’s default route…which in turn could be a gateway.

You’d need to provide an example use-case of what you want to talk about it. You might also want some examples of what address might be requested, and the content of “ifconfig” and “route” on each device involved, along with what kind of success or failure you get (which could help in figuring out of forwarding is not enabled, versus if a firewall is in the way, so on).

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